August 6, 2008

I always thought that we would see either Dubai or Abu Dhabi complete this feat first, but Sharjah has beaten them to the punch.

While many car collections remain in the private residences of owners across the UAE, Sharjah has decided to take one step in the right direction in this rapidly developing market.

If you want to know more about the new RTA law on cars older than 20 years and what you can do to protect your classic car please seach the Latest News Section on a dedicated piece to guide you along your way.

While the Sharjah Car Museum isnt exactly littered with Duesenbergs, Lincon Zyphers or Auburn Boattail Speedsters, it certainly does have its fair share of very nice Rolls Royce’s and other marques you would certainly expect to see out here in the Middle East.

The majority of cars need work, as does the clubs ethos in reaching the correct base it wants to attract to its Membership rota.

With a dedicated clubhouse, pool table, books, magazines and a soon to operate coffee house – it has all the humble beginnings of an organisation that can sprout to much larger proportions in the very near future. Winter occasions will be supported by the large outdoor space with manicured lawns that adorn the entire purpose built facility just next to the Sharjah Airport.

Mohammed Ben Sulayem is a member of the Federally recognized club that aims to protect owners and put them on an equal footing with one another during Member gatherings with specially made historic plates and an individual registration process.

A trip to the Museum is well worth it and I do believe that it will be a template for Dubai and Abu Dhabi to celebrate the mass hoard of trophies and true spectacles of Rolling Art littered throughout the UAE.

Do feel free to get in touch should you need more information at info@rollingartemporium.com



  1. I have driven past this Museum more than 20 times, please please tell me when it is open!


  2. Can you tell me when this museum is open and if there is an entrance fee?

    • No entrance fee is required – it is open from 9am till 2 pm so far !

  3. Can u please tell me what is the timing of the museum and if there is any entry fee??

  4. I have a 1930’s Replica Ford here in Dubai which was built and imported from UK. The car has been modified for UAE use and is UAE registered. The car is in perfect condition, but i would like to sell it.
    Can you advise if you have a website to sell exotic cars or any other channels to show and sell the car as it always creates attention

  5. please send you me contact number and more information (despite the fact that you do not work for the museum).

    Kind Regards,

  6. Sir i have came from japan, I have 200 classic cars in japan. i have pictures of all cars,
    I want to sell all cars.So if u r intressted , U can call, it,s my nub. 055-5753990

    • You can call me on 0508754948

  7. A perfect place to visit for the one who is obsessed with cars.

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