Welcome to the R.A.E.


You are officially now visiting the first and only website in the Middle East dedicated to Classic and Exotic car owners and enthusiasts!

While the website looks to keep you informed on news and events in the region as well as services and other goodies you can get your hands on – the RAE Blog covers an International perspective regarding the car world as we know it.

Whether we are breaking news on a new limited edition vehicle being brought back from the dead by a booming car manufacturing consortium – or about a new provider for services for your classic or exotic car – you can find it all here.

At the same time, contributions from visitors and readers are more than welcome on the RAE Blog! In fact – we strongly encourage you to send in all your contributions, big or small!

We feel it is important to get the most up to date local information we can from enthusiasts around the region – which then allows others to stay informed and up-to-date on RAE. So feel free to send us pictures, stories and any other bits you think we should put up on the RAE Blog or the RAE website.

I look forward to keeping all you Classic and Exotic car nuts informed and entertained for years to come – and don’t forget to subscribe to our Monthly Newsletter for competitions and round ups of the months gone and ahead!

I hope you have as much fun here as I did setting up the Rolling Art Emporium over the past 10 months.

Yours truly,

Gaurav Dhar

RAE Founder

Rolling Art in Wood



  1. Very Amazing Website! I will contact you if we can arrange something to do together.Ciao

  2. I am 3.5 years here in Abu Dhabi and my 1966 V8 Daimler is lying idle but well stored in the UK. I have had it for 24 years and is i condition 1. Is there a market for sales here of classic cars and would you have any suggestions or sites re adverts etc

  3. Hi there,

    I have a list of over 100 Classic Cars currently available in the U.S.
    If interested please give me a call on 050-6533711.

    • You can call me on 0508754948

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