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The Lamborghini Reventon. Hypercar or just Hyper Hype?

August 6, 2008

Ever since its debut, the Lamborghini Reventon has become a household name.

Back when we were invited to the Launch of the Maserati GT in Dubai at DIFC, many movers and shakers amongst the super car owners club there led me to believe that one was heading its way to Dubai, straight into the hands of a certain Lebanese businessman.

Nevertheless, here we are in August of this year and not a single shot of the car has been seen sent out over the net or in print – cruising down the roads of the UAE. With only 20 units world wide, what can you expect?

HOWEVER, this is the UAE.

With showrooms that are adorned with Carrera GT’s and Maserati MC12’s like they were mere kinder egg toys, one made its way here.

As instantly as it arrived, it disappeared just the same.

Here is what the first one ever –┬ádelivered to Vegas looks like coming in (unwrapped like the best Xmas gift you could imagine):

The Rolling Art Emporium is well connected. We make no bones about it. Your probably asking what the second car in the gallery above is. Read on to find out.

But first, more of my ranting.The problem with a car like the Reventon is that it is bound to be paraded around the worldwide market. How sad for Lamborghini that they now end up on the web as opposed to being cherished in a private collection.

Have a look for yourself:

But there is always a catch. The car may not be for export out of the USA. There are regulations that keep them stateside.

Want one? Why not 2?

RAE can get you one if you want it, not a problem at all.

Want a Bugatti Pur Sang? Again, not a problem.

How about an MC12? Or perhaps something as insane but road legal as FXX or an FXX with a MC12 Corsa engine mated to it? All available and not a problem.

The only real problem with all these cars is they are marketing exercises. Dont get me wrong – I am perhaps the happiest person alive to see these cars in the flesh and under private ownership. The problem is they circulate far too often on a global scale.

Even the Enzo, the F50 and the McLaren F1 have not been immune to this dreadful business.

In light of this, the Rolling Art Emporium would like to think that we cater to the tastes of the genuine collector, which brings us to our Mystery car:

The 1996 Lamborghini Zagato Raptor

Zagato launched an exciting new sportscar on the occasion of the 1996 Geneva Show.

A World Premier, the Raptor is a provocative styling proposal powered by Lamborghini’s classic V-12. The car features a novel modular cockpit lay-out with a front-hinged, one-piece greenhouse section which includes the doors, windscreen and the company’s famous double-bubble roofline.

From a traditional two-seater coupe, the Raptor can be transformed into a two-seater Barchetta. Following on in Zagato’s long tradition of memorable show cars, the Raptor is no mere dream car, but a thoroughly practical and feasible production proposition.

The Zagato Styling Centre (SZ Design) has developed the Raptor in order to ensure it could be built as a limited series. From the innovative tubular and box-section chassis to the exciting interior styling, the Raptor is a concentration of advanced design and engineering.

Fully certifiable for the road, this ultra-high performance, mid-engined sports coupe uses a powerful 5.7 liter V-12 driving all four wheels. Lamborghini carried out tests on the Raptor, after which it appeared at Pebble Beach Concours celebrating the Zagato marque.

Now thats what I call a truely exclusive hyper car with no hype about it…..

If you want it, we own it, so you can have it and there is only one in the world.

Calling all genuine car collectors…..



Lamborghini Reventon – 1.1 Million Euros – 20 Pieces – 2 heading to Dubai?

October 25, 2007


Read below for more….

While there was much speculation about how many pieces are being made – are there any heading to Dubai?

Raging Bull

Attending the Launch of the Maserati GranTurismo here in Dubai, we found out that there is at least 1 heading out here to Dubai for certain with at least one more being speculated.

If 20 are being made – does that mean more will head to our roads soon?

Why not? I have seen at least 6 Bugatti Veyrons so far in Dubai alone – with the rumor mill claiming at least 8 here in Dubai and at least 6 in Abu Dhabi. Don’t forget, there are about 5 more Emirates to count into that picture here in the UAE, none of whom would be at a loss to have one in their stables.

After all, if the Bugatti is anything to go by as an investment car (VW makes a loss on each car made and sold) a Reventon or 2 should feel right at home here in the UAE.

To learn more about this modern day Picasso on wheels (and steroids) we invite you to visit wikipedia, who provide a comprehensive lowdown on this Bull.

Till we get more. That’s us for now.


I only think it fair, almost a year on since I last wrote this article that I update it for all of you who read my blog.

There is officially 1 Reventon now here in Dubai, but not only can we – the Rolling Art Emporium, get our hands on 2 more, you too can find one on should you venture there.

Did I mention the fact that you would now need to have about 3 million Euros burning a hole in your pocket (that should include shipping, taxes if your lucky and other costs…..maybe…).

Do read our other article, where we cover another very special Lamborghini of its time (only 1 ever made however) – the 1996 Lamborghini Zagato Raptor, which is a totally road legal car and a fine collectors item.

I also might add that our partners at Pebble Beach this year in 2008 witnessed the auction of the first Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport (convertible….) at 2.9 Million USD. That’s half the price of a Reventon AND the chance to build the first Veyron to your specifications at Mulshine where you will be looked after like a prince.

I will be posting a link the video of the car selling shortly.

A last update I would like to leave you all with on this article is that it is now rumoured that the last Bugatti Veyron count here in the UAE has broken the 30 piece count. That – for a fact, includes one gent I met who has 2 because he could not decide between 2 colours, and another “gent” who has a Pur Sang.

Makes you wonder just a little…..doesn’t it? More than that, I am happy to admit, it boggles the mind and leaves me giddy with joy to live in the UAE.