RetroMod Muscle on the horizon…..

August 6, 2008

With so many cars now coming out as part of a retro inspired – back to the future style marketing ploy – we now find this…….have we really run out of new ideas?

Or is the classic car market really bubbling over into the new age market ?

A Challenger for every budget

A Challenger for every budget
Dodge recently launched a new microsite to help hype the 2009 Challenger.
photo courtesy Dodge

Rumors about the Dodge Challenger have been flying around since the concept first made its debut, at the New York International Auto Show, Chrysler unveiled its full 2009 Dodge Challenger model lineup which will include the SRT8 with a 425hp, 6.1-liter Hemi, the R/T with a 375hp, 5.7-liter Hemi and the SE with a 250hp, 3.5-liter V-6.


“Our all-new 2009 Dodge Challenger is a modern-day muscle machine representing the best from the past and present,” said Mike Accavitti, director of Dodge and SRT Global Marketing. “Thirty-five years following the debut of the original, we are bringing Dodge Challenger back and loading it with essential hardware, styling and technology desired by today’s buyer.” Numbers have yet to be revealed, but officials are saying that prices will start in the low $20,000s for the SE.


For complete information about the entire 2009 Challenger lineup, check out the elaborate microsite Dodge has set up.


American Supercar. Mojo Rising…..

August 6, 2008

According to Hemmings News:

American supercar
The S5S Raptor concept came out of a partnership between American Specialty Cars and Saleen.

Having recently undergone major changes in administration and location, specialty manufacturer Saleen Inc. reinforced their high-end American performance status at the 2008 New York International Auto Show’s introduction of the S5S Raptor. American Specialty Cars (ASC) partnered with Saleen on the design and construction of this striking concept, which sports an aluminum chassis and composite bodywork.


The S5S Raptor is motivated by a mid-mounted, E85 ethanol-fueled, supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 engine that makes 650hp and 630-lbs.ft. of torque; this power is fed through a six-speed manual gearbox to the rear wheels, allowing a 0-60 mph run of 3.2 seconds and a top speed north of 200 mph. Saleen hinted that production may begin in 2010, and the car could come to market with a sticker price of $185,000, making it a bargain in comparison to the even more potent 750hp, $555,000-plus S7 Twin Turbo.


Information is forthcoming at www.saleen.com.


American Muscle guns for the Nissan GTR

August 6, 2008

According to Hemmings News- the Cadillac strikes back….

Cadillac strikes back
Early indications are that the 2009 Cadillac CTS-V is capable of thumping German sedans on their home turf.
photo courtesy GM

Gasp! The fastest sports sedan to ever lap the ’ring on street tires has a wreath and crest in its grille, not a three-pointed star, four interlaced rings, or whatever that round blue and white thing on BMWs is supposed to be.


In testing May 8 at Germany’s legendary Nürburgring race track, the 2009 Cadillac CTS-V completed a lap of the legendary Nordschleife in 7:59.32. This blistering time appears to be the fastest ever publicly documented for a production sedan on factory-spec street tires, according to GM’s propaganda department.


The latest edition of the V owes its world-beating performance to a supercharged 6.2 LSA small block with 556hp and 551-lbs.ft. of torque. GM is saying that the car will smack down the 60-mph mark in 3.9 seconds and run the quarter in the 12s at 118 mph — which is a slightly high trap speed, so you can’t help but wonder if the car could dip into the 11s on sticky tires. Of course, it’s a Cadillac so this isn’t about drag racing. The CTS-V will ride on GM’s Magnetic Ride Control with electromagnetically controlled shocks giving drivers the option of a stiff or supple ride. There will be two transmissions on tap: a six-speed manual Tremec with two overdrive gears or GM’s 6L90 six-speed automatic with paddle shifters.

For the complete story, photos and footage of GM’s John Heinricy flogging the V around the ’ring, check out: www.cadillac.com/09ctsv.


Rolls Royce Hyperion

August 6, 2008

According to Hemmings News:

A rare Rolls
The Hyperion is a Pininfarina styled Rolls-Royce designed to pay homage to the great pre-war cars.
photo courtesy Pininfarina

A private client has commissioned Carrozzeria Pininfarina to create a very special Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupé, which is taking the form of the Pininfarina Hyperion.


The Hyperion is, in Pininfarina’s words, “an homage to the great pre-war cars.” This one-off ultra-luxury convertible will hark back to the heritage of both Rolls-Royce and Pininfarina, and judging by the teaser drawing the Italian firm has released, its styling is highly dramatic.


The Hyperion will make its public debut at the 2008 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in August; stay tuned for more details.

Since our partners are a great contributing force to Pebble Beach, we will be getting you pictures out worldwide almost certainly before anyone else does.


The Lamborghini Reventon. Hypercar or just Hyper Hype?

August 6, 2008

Ever since its debut, the Lamborghini Reventon has become a household name.

Back when we were invited to the Launch of the Maserati GT in Dubai at DIFC, many movers and shakers amongst the super car owners club there led me to believe that one was heading its way to Dubai, straight into the hands of a certain Lebanese businessman.

Nevertheless, here we are in August of this year and not a single shot of the car has been seen sent out over the net or in print – cruising down the roads of the UAE. With only 20 units world wide, what can you expect?

HOWEVER, this is the UAE.

With showrooms that are adorned with Carrera GT’s and Maserati MC12’s like they were mere kinder egg toys, one made its way here.

As instantly as it arrived, it disappeared just the same.

Here is what the first one ever – delivered to Vegas looks like coming in (unwrapped like the best Xmas gift you could imagine):

The Rolling Art Emporium is well connected. We make no bones about it. Your probably asking what the second car in the gallery above is. Read on to find out.

But first, more of my ranting.The problem with a car like the Reventon is that it is bound to be paraded around the worldwide market. How sad for Lamborghini that they now end up on the web as opposed to being cherished in a private collection.

Have a look for yourself: http://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/carsforsale/lamborghini/unspecified/670537.html

But there is always a catch. The car may not be for export out of the USA. There are regulations that keep them stateside.

Want one? Why not 2?

RAE can get you one if you want it, not a problem at all.

Want a Bugatti Pur Sang? Again, not a problem.

How about an MC12? Or perhaps something as insane but road legal as FXX or an FXX with a MC12 Corsa engine mated to it? All available and not a problem.

The only real problem with all these cars is they are marketing exercises. Dont get me wrong – I am perhaps the happiest person alive to see these cars in the flesh and under private ownership. The problem is they circulate far too often on a global scale.

Even the Enzo, the F50 and the McLaren F1 have not been immune to this dreadful business.

In light of this, the Rolling Art Emporium would like to think that we cater to the tastes of the genuine collector, which brings us to our Mystery car:

The 1996 Lamborghini Zagato Raptor

Zagato launched an exciting new sportscar on the occasion of the 1996 Geneva Show.

A World Premier, the Raptor is a provocative styling proposal powered by Lamborghini’s classic V-12. The car features a novel modular cockpit lay-out with a front-hinged, one-piece greenhouse section which includes the doors, windscreen and the company’s famous double-bubble roofline.

From a traditional two-seater coupe, the Raptor can be transformed into a two-seater Barchetta. Following on in Zagato’s long tradition of memorable show cars, the Raptor is no mere dream car, but a thoroughly practical and feasible production proposition.

The Zagato Styling Centre (SZ Design) has developed the Raptor in order to ensure it could be built as a limited series. From the innovative tubular and box-section chassis to the exciting interior styling, the Raptor is a concentration of advanced design and engineering.

Fully certifiable for the road, this ultra-high performance, mid-engined sports coupe uses a powerful 5.7 liter V-12 driving all four wheels. Lamborghini carried out tests on the Raptor, after which it appeared at Pebble Beach Concours celebrating the Zagato marque.

Now thats what I call a truely exclusive hyper car with no hype about it…..

If you want it, we own it, so you can have it and there is only one in the world.

Calling all genuine car collectors…..



Sharjah Classic Car Museum to the rescue on RTA’s new law? ATC to form new body or laws?

August 6, 2008

The Rolling Art Emporium would no doubt have serious concerns about the new law that the RTA has passed regarding cars over 20 years old. Our sole speciality concerns the finest classic and vintage cars in the World.

However, amidst the mass hysteria and panic for those who own and trade in classic cars – or even cars that are over 20 years old should stop holding their breath and foaming at the mouth.

The Sharjah Classic Car Museum is also home to the Sharjah Classic Car Club. Why should this interest you or classic car owners? All shall be revealed:

The Sharjah Government has lobbied long and hard to the Federal Council to initiate what it has recognized as a rapidly growing community of classic car owners and thus under law – allowed to issue Federal plates for classic cars.

A membership form filed along with the fee to join the club and other costs involved in procuring the plate insure your car is protected.

On a private visit to the Museum, the curator was keen to mention that they would help owners register their cars even they currently were registered in Dubai. They even have services to look after your vehicle, and send it off for its testing to secure its registration, so you have nothing to worry about.

One should mention, of the first 5 members of the club – MBS himself is a member and the honorary star guest who was given a personal tour when it was first opened.

But wait – there is a catch.

Firstly the club needs the car to be physically present before it can be protected via registration and given a plate.

They will not provide such services for cars they do not deem to be classic, vintage or historic (despite the fact that the Museum is home to replicas and other such cars it does not register).

Such details include cars that are ‘younger’ than 1970 or more would not fall into the category.

All registering cars will also have to be part of the club, which means the joining fee and the renewal fee every year. A small cost in my mind for those who can already enjoy such a small (or extreme) luxury.

For those of you concerned about the Sharjah element and making their way to the Museum, have no fear. It is located conveniently off the Emirates Road and the Curator and Director are very friendly and willing people. We have personally had tours one on one there and can say the initiative is present with some way to go before they reach the correct calibre of presentation and content.

Recently their web contacts list has been taken off the list of Sharjah Museums, however – I have a contact number and fax number for you to reach them on:

Phone  065 58 00 58

Fax      065 58 08 07

How about Dubai then? What will they do you ask.

Well, from extremely reliable sources, we know for a fact that the ATC UAE is working its way towards establishing a body modelled closely on the guidelines of the Federation of International Classic Vehicles (of which it became a member not long ago).

I have yet to contact them and establish exactly what their laws are regarding “Classic” vehicles and how to go about protecting them. Once I know more – so will you.

Dubai is a place I have lived in all my life. If its known for one thing – its being realistic. Fine, the RTA has passed a drastic law – the intentions of which have not been clearly outlined. At some point before 2009 in the coming months, they will sharply review the law with exceptions – which I suspect will protect classic cars.

I am vary as to what the definition of a classic car is, but I imagine it will be something along the lines of the Sharjah Car Club mark of 1970 and older.

I know first hand that there are over 5000 classic cars in Dubai alone which are registered. Some personal collections even span into an excess of 175 cars amongst prominent but very low key people.

I suspect that ExoClass Club UAE will be meeting at some point once all its members and committee chairs have returned from their summer vacations to discuss this further.

Rumor has it that a recent article in Gulf News claimed that all classic cars would be protected from this law. How? What defines a classic car – the gent who sent in the email did not say, but once we find out more – we will post it up here for all to see.

We welcome all your suggestions and concerns and if a petition need be started – your signatures. Send them all in to info@rollingartemporium.com


The Worlds Largest Car Auction – Kruse 2007

December 22, 2007

This year, the Rolling Art Emporium went to have a look at the worlds largest collector car auction.

 A spectacle that lasted nearly a week, with 6000 cars (those were just the ones for sale….) and 500 acres of other goodies to have a look at.

In what can only be described as an event of a lifetime – RAE brings you all the pictures in this multi-part special that took place a few months back.

PART I on Facebook

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More to come!

Best Regards,

The Rolling Art Emporium